Serving Our Members Since 1915

Our Club was founded September 9, 1915. Originally, the Country Club consisted of a log house, built in 1828, and 80 acres of land. A number of years later the Board purchased 27 additional acres. D.M. Massie was our first President, C.W. Story, Vice President, and Lyle S. Evans, Secretary-Treasurer. Original dues were established at $20.00 per year for men, $10.00 per year for women, and $5.00 per year for each child.

Through the years many changes and improvements have been made. On a few occasions these were financed by additional stock offerings, assessments and voluntary contributions. However, for the most they were accomplished from Club operations and revenues.

The golf course has been enlarged and altered several times as has been the case of the Club
House and Locker House. Many other major improvements have been made through the years. The biggest additions being the construction of the swimming pool in 1947 and the addition of the Collins Patio in 2011 and Legacy Tavern in 2013.